I am addicted to clay. My love affair with clay began when I took my first pottery class at the local community college. I ended up taking pottery classes for over 13 years. Six years at Richland Community College and seven years at Brookhaven Community College. Brookhaven had a very sophisticated pottery studio with a sample of all types of kilns. I made a large variety of different items in class as our teacher really challenged us. I believe clay to be magical and working with it has changed my life.

I use my pottery to help escape the serious issues of the day. I prefer art to be fun and help people to escape life’s hardships. I focus on making whimsical items, and hope they will make someone smile.

Recently I have been working on toad houses and tiny Japanese style lanterns. My toad houses are for fun and to help you attract toads to your yard. I believe they will liven up any flowerbed or garden. I originally made the small Japanese style lanterns just for decoration. The lanterns have evolved to include lights to make them more enjoyable and useful. I hope you will enjoy my art.

-Paula Haynes

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