Who am I?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Journal

LIRPAHello out there! Hopefully, you saw some of my artwork and are curious about the person behind the clay.

I currently live in Austin, TX. Notice Austin comes first, that’s because I am an Austinite first and a Texan second. I love my town, I just hate Texas politics and attempt to distance myself from it. Austin provides me with tons of people watching, amazing food and tasty beverages. And I get to ride bicycles and enjoy the beautiful outdoors around here.

I am one of those hated Yelp Elite. However, read my reviews and it’ll become clear that I love exploring new restaurants and don’t want to write bad reviews, so I focus on what I know will be good. Specific chefs and bartenders always lead me to outstanding experiences and I want people to know about the amazing spots locally, not glorify in the bad stuff. My husband and I travel the world seeking out amazing food and delicious cocktails. He also takes photos when we are traveling and often these pictures become my art.

Owner of a one-eyed pug and a blue heeler, my dogs are my fur babies. They greet me with smiles when I come home and cuddles when it’s cold.Bandit and Greta

What do I want to do with this blog? I want to share the good and the amazing. I want to highlight those things I find that are outstanding; things I love or am excited by; things I have to share. A sunny day, super-fun bicycle ride or even a perfect cocktail. Hopefully, I’ll find time to throw in some photos of my work in progress so you can see how things get done around here. I am about to enter a new journey with my pottery and am excited to share it with everyone.

So, here’s hoping something interesting comes from this. If anything, I just want to share my perspective and some pretty amazing things I come across.

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